X is for X-ray

I’m working on an alphabet book, making a photo for each letter.  Unsurprisingly, some letters were more difficult than others.

Take “x” for instance.  My children are beyond the age of having a little xylophone in the toy box.  What I did have was an x-ray.

A few years ago, our pug thought it was a good idea to ingest a number of objects he found around the house:  a bobby pin, Lego, a rope.  It was the rope that caused the problem (and cost us the bank!).  For some reason, I held onto the x-ray.

It was awhile before I could remember where I’d put it, but when I did, I taped it to our patio doors and took a few shots.  The part of the x-ray showing the object has faded somewhat but remains strangely fascinating:


However, it is the edges of the x-ray that caught my attention.  It must have gotten wet, or maybe it’s just the age of the film, but it has developed (no pun intended!) the look of patina that the photographer in me loves: