The Music the Wind Makes

the music the wind makes

The wind makes music.

I love the song made by the gentle movement of my wind chimes. It is a soothing lullaby, a peaceful melody.

When the breeze is soft, their sound is like a whisper. Yet, even when the wind blows strong, it is still a mellow music.

Through my open window, they lull me to sleep.

Kite Flying


People who know me well know I do not like the wind.

But at a kite festival, it is a necessary evil. The sun and the wind made for a perfect kite flying day. Kites of every imaginable shape and size soared high above: a purple octopus, a teddy bear, a blow fish, and even one our children dubbed “the underpants kite.” It was fascinating and fun.

The thing I loved the best, though, was the rippling movement and the light shimmering on these flags.

Sometimes, a little wind is a good thing.

It’s Hard to Pick


Some days, there are more awesome moments than others.

I thought about listing them all, but decided to pick just one: Being on the Harley with my husband. The heat of the sun on my back, the road below, the roar of the motor, the wind rushing by, my arms around him while he drove.

It was a perfect afternoon.

Singing in the Wind

A Heart-Shaped Rock

I don’t sing in public. Ever.

My kids tell me my singing voice is terrible, and ask me not to sing in the car. But I love to sing, and do it anyway. Just not around anyone outside of my family.

Yesterday, while walking on the beach, though, the kids and I broke into song: “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.

It was fun and not the least bit embarrassing. (Strong winds and no one else in sight probably helped.)

Maybe I should sing more and care less.