A Netflix Weekend


I don’t often watch tv.  In fact, until very recently, the last series I watched was Ally McBeal.

I’d much rather read a book.

But then I started hearing people talk about Orange is the New Black.  So I had to see what all the fuss was about, and very quickly watched the two seasons.  Since I enjoyed that so much, I started watching Weeds.

I’ve been ruined by Netflix.

It was a rainy weekend, so I spent almost the entire time curled up on the couch, iPad on my lap, and ear buds in.  It was extremely indulgent, and I enjoyed every minute.


In the Mess of Weeds

mini-daisies I can always find something to photograph in the mess of weeds at the side of my yard.

On first glance, most people would want to mow it over.  But it is my favourite spot in my yard to take my camera.  The lines and textures of the random plants growing there make for endless photo possibilities.

Some see weeds; I see art.

Little Circles of Light


I love bokeh.

Here, amber and gold glitter in the background of the frosted grass. From far, this part of my yard is a mess of weeds and unsuccessful vegetables. Up close, it is a landscape of endless photo possibilities.

With my camera in the general direction of the sun, I was able to capture these pretty little circles of light.

A Moment of Clarity


I want to believe I am a gardener.

But my flower-patterned rubber boots and puncture-proof gloves were no match for the invasion of thorns and dandelions and other unnamed monstrous offenders. The weeds have taken over.

The few vegetables that found room to grow were tiny and bug-eaten. Only the potatoes have been victorious. This gardening is not for me.

I called my mother. She said I cannot be a gardener and a beach-goer.

I choose the beach.

For the Weeds


Right now my yard is more weeds than lawn.

Scraggly dandelions poke out amid the long grass and occasional thorn (ouch!). Rabbit flowers, as we called them when we were kids, are abundant. The bees are loving my yard right now!

It looks terrible.

But, first impressions aside, there is beauty there. Happy little daisies pop up here and there; buttercups lie low with their sunny yellow petals; even a lone tiger lily reaches out from the side yard. With my camera, I am able to capture many beautiful shots.

Maybe “weeds” are not so bad, after all.