Lace-like Leaf

This dried and brittle leaf lay on my deck near where I hang out clothes.  I noticed how it had turned sort of lacey in the loss of its green flesh.  It is like a little leaf skeleton, and I find it to be quite beautiful.

Of course I had to photograph it.

leaf1 leaf2

Beauty in an Unexpected Place


You would not think there would be anything of beauty at the dump.

We had some garbage to get rid of and this trip was a necessary evil. I held my breath as we rounded the corner, preparing for the inevitable stench. We were greeted unexpectedly by two eagles perched high on poles. We parked and I watched as thousands of seagulls took flight with the sun as their backdrop, the eagles unmoved by the activity around them.

Ignoring for a moment the mounds of garbage behind me, I captured this skyscape with my phone.