Happy Spring


This makes me very happy.

Tiny little red pompoms appearing on the branches, pops of colour that change the view outside my windows on a daily basis.

I don’t even care that the pollen litters the driveway and plugs up my sinuses.

I am just happy to enjoy every minute of this beautiful season.


In the Water


A quiet little brook near my family’s camp doesn’t look like much.

But if you spend a minute noticing the details, seeing the artful lines along its bank and the abstracts in the water, there is a plethora of picture possibilities.

Like this painterly reflection.

Light Creeps In

light creeps in

Since it’s dark when I get up, I am usually lucky to see the sun slowly light up my backyard.

I always take a minute to watch through the curtains of my window. Every morning is a little different, sometimes clouds are cast in pink, others the sky turns aquamarine for an instant. This time, the sun catches the trees in a fiery glow.

The light puts on quite a show.

This time, it is golden.