Weekly Photography Challenge: Intricate

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

The lace-like wings of a dragonfly

The textured bark of the tree

Nature’s intricate patterns




Crab Apple


For years, I would drive by houses with these lush pink flowering trees in spring. I was never sure exactly what kind of tree they were, only that I wanted one.

Two years ago, we bought this house in July. It wasn’t until the following spring that I realized I finally had a tree like that.

This year, it is resplendent.

(Rotten) Apples


You would not think there would be beauty in a rotten apple.

I can see this enormous apple tree from my kitchen window, down the back slope in our yard. In spring, it is resplendent with blossoms; in summer its branches hang low and create a “camp” where my children play; in fall the leaves turn and the apples drop. Only this year, rather than drop, the apples are hanging on into winter.

They are bright ornaments on a bare tree, wearing little white caps when it snows.

Two Trees

two trees

There is a tree in our yard. Two trees, in fact. They grow together, wrapping their roots around each other and tricking the eye into thinking they are one tree until closer inspection.

They are two kinds of crab apples, their trunks so close they are like one.

Every season, they produce a new kind of pretty.

Blossoms and tiny leaves in spring, full and green in summer, bright orange and red in fall, and gray-black branches a contrast against winter snow.

And every season, I capture them with my camera.