Rocky Road

rocky road

There was no traffic on this road, so I crouched for a close-up of the solid yellow line and crushed rocks.




We visited the floating flower market while we were in Amsterdam, Bloemenmarkt.

All of it was gorgeous.

But there was this one shop that seemed to have more exotic flowers, so we wandered in.  There were flowers everywhere – even hanging from the rafters.

It was incredibly beautiful.

Travel Bug

I love to travel.

In fact, I love everything about travelling:  the planning, the packing, the airports, the flying, the hotels, and of course the sightseeing.  If I have a trip to plan, I am in my element.

I’ve just returned from Amsterdam.  I met my husband, who had been working away for almost three months, at Schiphol Airport, and we spent four incredible days in the city.

I’ll share a few photos over the next few days, since I was too busy sightseeing to post on my blog while I was away…  First, a picture of one of the many canals (which I never tired of photographing):


Disney Moments


A trip to Disney brings too many memorable moments to mention.

But there are those moments, the unexpected ones, that will resonate long after the suitcases have been unpacked.

Such as the bubbling excitement of our children at the first glimpse of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth and Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.

There was the hand-holding and hugs from our usually reserved son, and the way he discovered his “inner child”.

When my daughter spotted Minnie Mouse, and the way she braved the roller coasters even though she had sworn she wouldn’t get on one.

There were the little moments, shared with our family of fourteen…

The cheerful “good mornings” of my little nephew, through the railing on the floor above us. The teasing from his five-year old brother and giggles at our jokes. There were the moments my son and his cousin walked arm in arm on the way to rides, and my daughter and her cousin grinned at the animatronics of “it’s a small world.” There was also watching my parents watch their daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren have the time of their lives.

And so many more moments, big and small.

Full Circle


In a strange sort of coincidence, I came across an old article about Florida as we plan a trip for our own children.

The other day my father dropped off a binder he found that I had had as a child. Flipping through, I came across this Disney planning page that I must have kept (I always did like planning!) as we prepared to go there when I was 11. I had not seen this binder in at least 20 years.

Now, it is a reminder of the anticipation I felt at the time, and which my children are feeling now.