Made by Hand


At a craft fair on the weekend, we spotted an adorable rustic snowman and contemplated buying it.

“We can make that at home,” my son said.

And they did. My husband made me two square snowmen using old wood we had lying around. Then, my daughter made these (above). And my son made me a sign with an arrow to the North Pole.

These handmade gifts hold more meaning than any we could have bought.

The First Snow


As much as I’d rather an all-year-long summer, even I have to admit there is something magical about the first snowfall.

We were outside (cleaning the yard to prepare for winter, fittingly) when the flakes began to fall. The kids started screeching excitedly, “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” Later, as it covered the ground in a blanket of white, they dressed in snowsuits and built a carrot-nosed, coal-eyed snowman.

I stood for a moment, watching the snowflakes fall from the black sky, and felt the promise of many cozy winter nights ahead.