Reflection of Me


I suppose this is what I look like, a lot of the time, a camera positioned in front of my face.

There was a broken piece of glass against an old shed the other day, and I had to capture it. I had intended to make a few compositions of the slivered shards and reflected light. When I stepped in front of it, it was myself that I saw. (Three times over!)

So I took a picture of me, instead.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Selfie


I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

This, mainly, is why I don’t take many selfies. I’d rather capture my children while they play, or the details of my life. It is much more comfortable to be the one taking the photos than the one having the photos taken.

This one (admittedly, one that was taken some time ago), I don’t mind so much. Probably because I’m hiding behind my camera.