Once a Maritimer…

This summer we came home.

After a year in Ontario, a move we made to be closer to “opportunities” for ourselves and our children, we have returned to the Maritimes once and for all.

As it turns out, the opportunities we sought were neither abundant nor worthwhile.  Instead, we have chosen to come back to the small town we came from.  Family, friends, the quiet life, and the beautiful beaches drew us home.

And so, I am back to sitting in the sand, listening to the waves, and searching for sea glass.

This is my happy place.




Lake Glass!

lake glassWe were walking along the shore of the lake and my son called out to me that he had found sea glass.  I thought for sure it was a jagged piece of glass, leftover from a broken bottle, but in his hand was a softened, sanded piece of “sea” glass.  I could believe it.

When we left the Maritimes, I thought I was leaving my sea glass searching days behind.  Yet here was a piece of glass so similar to sea glass I’d never know the difference.  And if there was one, there must be more.

Sure enough, as we walked we spotted more.  I came home with a small handful of glass, including a yellow piece, to add to my collection.

It may not be from the sea, but it’ll do.

Sea Glass Season

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I have been waiting (impatiently) for the snow to melt.  I have been itching to go to the beach, but until this week there was so much ice and snow that it wouldn’t have been safe, let alone enjoyable.

The snow is not completely gone, but the beach is finally accessible.

I took a drive to my favourite spot for collecting sea glass, and spent more than two hours wandering the shoreline.

It was bliss.

I was the only person on the beach, with the salt breeze and the rushing water as company.  The tide was out and the sea glass was plentiful.

The only difficulty was leaving.



Lavender Sea Glass


Finally, I’ve found a piece of purple sea glass.

Ever since I knew it existed, I have been searching for one. I’m always excited to find any colour, and treasure the green, white, and brown pieces that I have as well. But to find a rare colour is a thrill.

Now, if I could only find a red piece…

Glass from the Sea


We took a day trip to a nearby beach, one I had not been to before.

We soaked up the hot sun, waded out past the sandbars, and wandered along the rocky shoreline. It was a perfect summer afternoon.

And I brought home the most amazing amount of sea glass I have ever collected in one afternoon.