Rusted and Rotten

Most people wouldn’t get excited about finding a rotten log with rusty nails sticking out.

But I do.

I see the picture possibilities when I look at something like this.  I see the colours and the textures, the lines and the shapes, the combination of materials that makes for a great composition.  I see the story it tells.

This is not just a rotten log with nails sticking out.

rusty-nail rusty-nail-2

dinky-car dinky-van

While cleaning up the yard, I found these two forgotten toys.  They’re muddy and rusted, having been left in the grass for quite some time.

It is a testament to the fleeting nature of childhood.

My children are not quite done with toys, but the value of these little dinky cars, as we call them, is diminished.

Nonetheless (or possibly because of this), I find them to be an interesting subject for my photos.