Empty Nest


For those of you who have been following my posts about the baby robins, here’s a little update: All four have flown from the nest. 🙂

My mother was lucky enough to watch them fly away; my camera and I missed the big event.


Some More Robin Pics…



It’s been fun watching the progress of these little robin chicks. Thanks to the chicken wire, orange peelings, and wintergreen set out by my mother, the feral cat in the neighborhood has not been by and they are growing every day. The father robin is used to me and my camera now, and simply goes about his business feeding his hungry offspring.

They’re so ugly, they’re cute.

Robin Babies

My mother called to tell me to bring my camera; she could see the robin chicks.

I pulled up a chair so I could get a better view, and there they were: these tiny heads peeking out above the nest.


Patiently, I waited with my camera for feeding time. After about 5 minutes, the father arrived, his beak filled with their snack.



I put my camera away for a minute, then changed my mind and headed back out for one more shot. I was rewarded with one quick picture of the mother bird having stopped by before she flew off.