A Walk in the Early Afternoon

early afternoon walk

It took me a long time to get started.

I’d been meaning to begin walking for a long time (a really long time!). But there was always an excuse: too hot, too cold, too rainy, too busy… You get the idea.

Until I did.

And now it’s a moment I look forward to each day. A walk in the early afternoon. When I’m feeling ambitious, I even take my dog. Under the hot sun, in the rain, or even when it’s cold, I walk.

A moment of fresh air, exercise, and quiet.

The Picture I Didn’t Take

the picture i didn't take

I take my iPhone with me on walks. This is so I am reachable in case the school needs to contact me, but it is also so that I can capture a few shots while I walk.

This time, I photographed the road, the trees, the berries. It was a beautiful day.

Almost home, a movement on the pavement caught my eye. A fat, furry caterpillar was crossing the road. It was like a scarlet boa, with black on either end. Absolutely adorable.

This I did not capture, for two reasons: I was afraid of looking foolish, and I was afraid of being hit by a car. But I was very tempted!

P.S. I did look over my shoulder to make sure it had crawled across to safety.
This is what it looked like: http://www.anmoretimes.com/2012/09/24/wooly-bear-caterpillar-pyrrharctia-isabella/

It’s Hard to Pick


Some days, there are more awesome moments than others.

I thought about listing them all, but decided to pick just one: Being on the Harley with my husband. The heat of the sun on my back, the road below, the roar of the motor, the wind rushing by, my arms around him while he drove.

It was a perfect afternoon.