Shopping for Antiques


My husband and I love shopping in antiques shops.

Lately, I had been looking for an old drawer/basket/suitcase to hold my cards at the next craft fair I am getting ready for.  There was no shortage of containers, but they were all too small, too big, too round, or too expensive.  Just when I had given up at our third stop of the week, I decided to take one last look around.  Hiding behind a shelf was this fantastic case, for only $10!

The lining is ugly, but the potential is great.


I’ve torn out the stained maroon satin, and will reline the inside with paper.

It will be perfect.

New (Old) Frames


I’ve been selling my photos in craft fairs and on Etsy for a number of years. More recently, they’ve been for sale at a local shop, Aristide.

In an effort to keep things fresh, I am working on some new ideas. One of the things I will be doing is framing with old, weathered wood. (Another is painting vintage frames, which is my next project.) It suits the cottage-y style of my photography, I think, and adds to the overall artistic appeal.

Lucky for me, my husband has a talent for repurposing old wood, and made these beautiful frames for my work. (I may have to steal a couple for home before I sell them all!)