Fall, Reflected

fall reflection

Pretty fall colours, reflected in the lake.  I love the way the ripples blend the leaves and create a painted effect.

Lights and Windows

I had a little bit of fun capturing colourful lights and their reflections…


This was inside a restaurant near Central Station in Amsterdam, on our last night.


And this was just outside the restaurant in our hotel, the Westcord Art Hotel.

Art Everywhere


While working at one of the schools today, the custodian stopped to have a chat. She pointed out the glimmering floors that she had just waxed in the library, and I immediately noticed the beautiful reflections and interesting composition for a photo. I took this shot with my phone, but found myself wishing for my camera.

(Although it might have seemed a bit strange for the librarian to be crawling around snapping photos of the floor tiles.)

A Pretty Accident


I was having a clumsy day. It seemed like everything I picked up, I dropped.

Including this glitter.

I was picking up my daughter’s craft supplies and accidentally spilled her glitter all over the kitchen floor. My first reaction was to swear. But while I stood there wondering whether to get down and pick up the pieces or simply sweep them away, I noticed how the sun lit up the colours like a kaleidoscope.

So I grabbed my camera. Then I cleaned.

In the Water


A quiet little brook near my family’s camp doesn’t look like much.

But if you spend a minute noticing the details, seeing the artful lines along its bank and the abstracts in the water, there is a plethora of picture possibilities.

Like this painterly reflection.