Capturing the Light


A pretty chandelier caught my eye while out shopping with my family.  It was perfect for the master bedroom – glittery glass pendants and shiny, embossed brass.


The circular patterns caught my eye first; the shadows cast across my ceiling, second.


A simple addition (a sale item, too!) quickly became an unexpected inspiration to capture with my camera:  light as art.

Playing with Light


While looking for flashlights (in case of a power outage during yet another spring blizzard), I came across some items I had used in photography lessons about light.

Along with a variety of small flashlights, I found some forgotten dollar store candle holders and glass vases.

So I started playing with the reflections by moving things around, and grabbed my camera for a few shots. A slight movement of light made dramatic changes, and I managed a few abstract compositions before gathering the flashlights for the night.

This one is my favourite.