Mindfulness Challenge Week 15: Awareness

awareness w

Art Everywhere

There is potential for art in so many places.

In the winter months (and in Northern New Brunswick, it still looks very winter-y outside my window!), I find this most challenging.  Gardens and beaches and backyards are my go-to for photography.  While there are plenty of beautiful possibilities in the snow, I much prefer the opportunities brought by warmer weather.

Indoor photography is a great place to practice awareness.  It is a challenge to notice the tiny details of daily life, to appreciate the the normally overlooked compositions in the home.

This silver paperclip stood out from the rest, catching a glint of light coming through the window.

Art is everywhere.






I love these old iron fences surrounding equally old buildings in the downtown area of Kingston.

It was only after composing the shot that I noticed the broken piece I had focussed on.  I like that this repeated pattern is imperfect, that the attempt at order has been thwarted.

Life’s like that.

Art in the Bathroom?

bathroom1You just never know where you can find art.

Three facecloths, rolled and placed the lid of a decorative box, become a simple subject for photos.  I decided it was time to update my original facecloth photo (which sold quite well on Etsy):bw-faceclothsso I made a few shots of these plain facecloths.  Q-tips, cotton balls, and bars of soap make up a set of bathroom art.set 7Perfect for rainy day photography.

Chocolate Fix


It is good to have something to look forward to each day.

For me, it is coffee and chocolate in the afternoon.

It’s such a little thing (and so bad for me – has to be milk chocolate!), but it makes me happy.  No matter what else happens during the day, I have that little bit of 3:00 sweetness to anticipate, that little kick of caffeine to get me through the evening.

It is the little things.