Mindfulness Challenge Week 1: Focus


In Stitches

I had no idea how I was going to start.

I’d created this list of themes to help me be more mindful in 2017.  Deliberately abstract, I’d begun to wonder if I’d be able to even come up with a subject for my first photo:  Focus.

It had been on my mind for a few days.

Then, yesterday while shortening curtains for my newly painted master bath, I was focused on stitching a straight seam.  I guided the fabric, and I was literally focused on the moment: listening to the whirr of the machine, watching the tiny stitches draw a row of tiny dashes along the edge.

It occurred to me that this would be a perfect photo the first week of my mindfulness challenge.  It is focus in the moment, focus in photography.

This, then, begins 52 weeks of #createmindfulness2017.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Contrast


My daughter is forever leaving articles of clothing around the house. Even outside.

I was sitting in the screen porch and looked across at her pretty pink skirt forgotten on the patio chair.

It is a contrast in colours and tones, the bright pink against the dark brown; a contrast in materials, the lace against the heavy plastic weave; in shape and form, the softly ruffled fabric against the hard lines of the chair.

As a mom, I also see the contrast in behaviours: Disarray against order.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Extra, Extra


I immediately thought of this photo for this week’s photo challenge… Even though it is not specifically something “extra” in a composition, as the newspaper is the central focus, the challenge title makes me think of newspaper delivery boys shouting, “Extra! Extra!” In a way, I suppose it was also unexpected; I happened upon this newspaper tucked into the bench while I walked through the Public Gardens in Halifax one day. I can imagine someone having sat on this bench, reading the morning paper and drinking coffee in this beautiful park before heading off to work for the day.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Twist


My son likes to take things apart.

Occasionally, this has been a problem. But as he’s gotten older, he is more likely to ask before he dismantles.

This time, he has taken apart a remote control for a video game. The pieces lay scattered on the table when I was cleaning, and I noticed the fun twists of these wires that I simply had to photography before putting them away.

So here is my submission for this week’s challenge, “Twist”…


Weekly Photography Challenge: Abandoned



My son found this rusted and weathered swing, abandoned in the woods behind my parents’ house.

Now, it hangs from the branch of an apple tree in our yard.

In winter, it has been abandoned by my children. The tree, too, has been abandoned by the warm sun of summer and the nurturing rain. It has nearly been abandoned by me and my camera (so many photos are taken here in the warmer months).

Soon, though, both swing and tree will be visited once again.


Weekly Photography Challenge: Juxtaposition


Juxtaposition: The curved line of a modern mirror and the vintage look of baby’s breath; the hard surface of the mirror and the soft touch of the blossoms; the shine of glass and the matte white of flowers… These contrasts play among muted tones.

This is my entry for this week’s photography challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/photo-challenge-juxtaposition/#more-67462