Escape Artist


As I was reaching in to feed my canary, he fluttered past me to freedom.

In a moment of panic, I shouted at the dogs and rushed them out the door before they could snack on him. Then I grabbed my camera and snapped away while he posed on the edge of a pot near the window (and nibbled from the orange trees that my daughter is growing).

It was the first time in the two years since I’ve had him that he’s stayed still long enough to capture him.

A Walk with the Dog


I am not a dog person. At all.

I can’t stand the barking. Despise cleaning up after them. Get annoyed when they won’t settle down.

But here’s the thing: We have two.

I got talked into the first one, by my children and my husband. And he was such a little monster that I decided we needed a second one to calm him down.

Now they need exercise. I don’t have the patience for training, I’m the first to admit. So when Georgia (above) pulled like crazy while walking her, I quit.

Then I heard about this cheap little solution: a head halter. And it works! The most surprising part, though, is that I actually enjoy those moments out walking her with it.

Now, if only I could get one on that short little pug nose…



Nibbles, my daughter’s friendly little guinea pig, has died.

Her heart is broken.

This is the first real loss she has experienced, and so the trauma is real.

The sweetest moment was when her brother, in an attempt to help her feel better, offered to give her his guinea pig.

My heart was proud.