Mindfulness Challenge Week 12: Perspective

salt perspective


Photography is all about perspective (as is life).

Mundane objects can become surreal art through a macro lens.  Tiny details, normally overlooked, take on new possibilities when studied and appreciated.

The morning sun on the kitchen table changes colours, creates reflections, and lights up salt shakers.  Suddenly, salt is art.

Salt is also an accidental self-portrait…  Look closely.  🙂


Mindfulness Challenge Week 11: Balance


Balancing Act

My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot with her American Girl Doll, Rosie.  In one of the shots, the doll is literally balanced on a bicycle.

Life and parenting are a lot about balance:  Time spent between work and family, between taking care of the house and taking care of the children, and between busy schedules and time for relaxation.

Making this photo was about balance, too:  Stealing a few creative shots while also setting up fashion shots for the doll.  I got to take pictures and spend time with my daughter; my daughter got to play dress-up and share this with me.


A Fresh Perspective

a fresh perspective

One of the best things about teaching photography to kids is observing how they see the world. They see things in a different way, and this helps freshen my own perspective.

Photography has long been a passion of mine, and I am in the habit of looking at the little details to see what compositions I can make. Being around children with cameras opens up the world even more.

Seeing their excitement as they share photos they have taken helps, too. It is a reminder of that sense of discovery and creativity that come from making pictures.

Although I am teaching, I am learning as well.