Visiting my parents, you can always be sure to find a newspaper folded open to the crossword page. 

Every day, my dad does the crossword – in pen – while he relaxes in the garden room before supper.  This has always happened, for as long as I can remember.  At some point, I attempted to do them myself, but could rarely finish them (I don’t have a head for facts or trivia).  Now, my son will sit with him sometimes while he works away at them.

It is a little piece of home, a comfort that some things don’t change.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Extra, Extra


I immediately thought of this photo for this week’s photo challenge… Even though it is not specifically something “extra” in a composition, as the newspaper is the central focus, the challenge title makes me think of newspaper delivery boys shouting, “Extra! Extra!” In a way, I suppose it was also unexpected; I happened upon this newspaper tucked into the bench while I walked through the Public Gardens in Halifax one day. I can imagine someone having sat on this bench, reading the morning paper and drinking coffee in this beautiful park before heading off to work for the day.