Weekly Photography Challenge: New (to Me)

A rusted bicycle wheel that I found in the woods while fishing rests on a shelf newly made from rustic barn boards.  They are old, but new to me.

bicycle-wheelIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”


Weekly Photography Challenge: Beginning


The new year brings many thoughts of new beginnings.

When I think of beginning, I think of milestones like the first day of school; I think of my wedding day and the start of many wonderful adventures with my husband; I think of the day each of my children were born, beginning their lives and my life as a mom. I also think of the sun in the morning welcoming each new day and starting small projects around the house. There are so many beginnings, each with the promise of hope.

When I think of photographing a beginning, I think of spring. Although it is not yet spring, I have chosen to use a photo I have that represents beginning for me: New season, new life, new possibilities.

Wishing you many happy beginnings in 2014.


Bringing in 2014


We brought in the new year with style, with friends.

Little black cocktail dress, dangly earrings, my favourite boots from Japan. My husband in a jacket and really cool (yes, I picked it out) tie. Six course meal of the most delicious selections. South African wine and chocolate martinis. Unbeatable service.

Lights, glitter, silver and gold balloons. Sparkling champagne.

A midnight countdown.

Happy 2014!

Ten Memorable Moments of 2013


1. Travel. Taking the kids to Cuba for the second year in a row, splashing around in the warm ocean and visiting historical Havana.
2. Birthdays. Celebrating another year with the people I love most.
3. Dancing. Watching my daughter on stage; watching my children dance around the house with pure abandon.
4. Quiet days. Not having to go to work every day.
5. Camping on the beach. Searching for sea glass, building sand castles, campfires by the shore.
6. Water park. Our first visit to Magic Mountain in Moncton, NB.
7. Favourite things. Having time to read, write, knit, and take many, many pictures.
8. Fencing. Seeing my son delight in a new activity.
9. Outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and yes, even snow.
10. Christmas. Another holiday spent with my favourite people.