He Plays


I love music.

I cannot play it, but I love to listen to it. So I consider myself lucky that my husband plays it very well.

When he gets up early, he takes out his guitar, and I get to wake up to the sound of music in our house. In the afternoon while we get ready to go out, he plays and I get to listen while I move about. In the evening, before the quiet of bedtime, he plays.

He never tires of playing, and I never tire of listening.

On the Road


There is so much to see while driving: the road a crevice in the landscape of trees, the expanse of blue sky above, snaking rivers below.

I enjoy the ride as much as the arrival.

Music and conversation fill the car. Scenes slip by on either side of the road.

The moment I loved the best on this ride was the music coming from the back seat: Our children singing a duet from “Teen Beach Movie”. My husband and I sat grinning in the front seat while they sang song after song, word for word.

This is the moment I will remember.