Mindfulness Challenge Week 26: Stillness

pool w

Life is never truly still.

Slight movements surround us, always.  There are interruptions to our meditations, sounds and distractions.  Breath means movement.

While practicing using my neutral density filter, I left my camera focused on the pool for a few minutes to go help my son clean the car.  I had just tripped the shutter on a 30-second exposure when he called for me.

My daughter, thinking she’d be funny, attempted to capture a selfie on my camera while I was gone.

The stillness of the shot captured her movement in front of the camera, a faint purple haze in front of the pool.

When I was choosing a photo for this entry, my initial thought was to use this first image, as I felt it showed stillness well:

pool 2 w

However, it occurred to me that the challenge of being still is to accept the constant movement surrounding us.  Instead of ruining the image, my daughter inadvertently created a metaphor.

Nothing – not even stillness – is perfect.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Kite Flying


People who know me well know I do not like the wind.

But at a kite festival, it is a necessary evil. The sun and the wind made for a perfect kite flying day. Kites of every imaginable shape and size soared high above: a purple octopus, a teddy bear, a blow fish, and even one our children dubbed “the underpants kite.” It was fascinating and fun.

The thing I loved the best, though, was the rippling movement and the light shimmering on these flags.

Sometimes, a little wind is a good thing.