Some Kind of Moth


I’m not one for bugs, normally. But sometimes I come across one that is just too fascinating to resist taking a photo of.

Like this one.

Resting on the floor of the porch near my front door, I must have passed it several times before noticing it was not a leaf, but a moth. I called the kids over to see, then of course ran for my camera. I had no need to hurry, though, it stayed there for hours. It was enormous, too. It’s difficult to see from the picture, but it was nearly as big as my hand (not that I’d touch it – the “ew” factor was still too great, and I wouldn’t have wanted to risk harming it, at any rate).

So apparently (from my Google search) it is called a luna moth, which I think is a rather pretty name for a bug. I also learned that they don’t have mouths, so I suppose it couldn’t have bitten me, at least!

Although I am happy to have found it.

The Moth in the Bathtub


When it came in through the garage, I screeched like it was trying to attack me.

My ten-year-old son tried to save me by swatting at it. He’s my hero.

But it was bedtime, so I said let it be and we’d get it in the morning. Then I forgot about the moth.

This morning, the moth was in the bathtub. Before running for the fly swatter, I stopped for a minute and looked at it. It had a surprisingly pretty pattern on its wings.

First, I captured it with my camera. Then, I captured it with a cup and set it free.

(*Please note: The focus in the photo is deliberately softened to make the moth appear less bug-like; those little legs give me the creeps!)