One thing leads to another…

I was cleaning the house, which reminded me that I needed to do laundry, then I remembered to put out the garbage, and while putting out the garbage I got distracted by the frost on the leaves.

So I went to get my camera.

For a few minutes, I got lost in the frosty lines and curls of the the leaves. Making pictures was much more fun than cleaning.

Then my battery died and I remembered that I was supposed to be cleaning the house.

Shadows in the Morning


It helps to keep your eyes open.

Letting the dogs out in the morning, this is the image that greeted me. The sunlight streaming into the room created this brief shadow on the white-painted door.

The simple lace curtain was transformed into a work of art.

Had I been more distracted, or less awake (or slept in!), I might not have seen this dark image waiting to be captured.

But the moment was right, and so I did.



I set my alarm for 6:00 am, every day. Even in the summer.

I do this for a few reasons: To get the most out of my day, to write, and because I love mornings. I especially love quiet mornings, before the kids are up and there are things to do, places to go. If I’m lucky, I get an hour; sometimes, I might get fifteen minutes. Today is especially quiet.

Just me, my coffee, and my thoughts.