A Nutty Visitor



While taking photos of the little birds visiting my crab apple tree, I had a surprise visitor join them.  This little squirrel was very cooperative in allowing me to photograph her.  Even when I moved closer, she didn’t appear nervous, and continued in her quest to find a snack.

In the Water


A quiet little brook near my family’s camp doesn’t look like much.

But if you spend a minute noticing the details, seeing the artful lines along its bank and the abstracts in the water, there is a plethora of picture possibilities.

Like this painterly reflection.

A Sprinkle of Leaves

a sprinkle of leaves

Fall gives so many picture possibilities.

The earth is covered in a carpet of reds and golds; grasses take on muted hues; and branches become stark lines as they lose their leaves.

On the boardwalk at a local nature park, leaves were faded by the sun and crushed by many feet. Moved about by wind and by walkers, they created this exquisite pattern along the trail.