My Scrapbook of Words


I love words.

In fact, I love words so much that I collect them.

Every now and then, the kids and I sit down with some old magazines and cut them apart. For them, it is a creative mishmash of random details that become otherworldly creatures. For me, it is a scavenger hunt for juicy words.

These words become a reference for my writing, inspiration for poems, and a teaching tool for lessons (when I was teaching full-time) and my kids (talk about a way to increase vocabulary!).

This book is where I keep them.

Glossy Pages

glossy pages

There is something about a new magazine, pages all glossy and unread, that I just love.

I start by flipping cover to cover, page by page. Then I go back and read each article while I sit with my coffee.

Some are better than others.

But even when they are shallow and fairly useless, I enjoy every page.

(Pictured is a snippet of the article, “How I Got Over My Empty-Nest Syndrome” by Ann Bauer – neither shallow nor useless – from Ladies Home Journal, September 2013.)