Capturing the Light


A pretty chandelier caught my eye while out shopping with my family.  It was perfect for the master bedroom – glittery glass pendants and shiny, embossed brass.


The circular patterns caught my eye first; the shadows cast across my ceiling, second.


A simple addition (a sale item, too!) quickly became an unexpected inspiration to capture with my camera:  light as art.

Better than None

More tulips.

If they can’t grow outside, I’ll buy them and keep them inside.  Besides, they give me something to photograph and they look pretty on the table.

These white ones caught the light from the window and became almost transparent, showing off the details of their petals.


Water on My Window

While washing dishes, I noticed the way the sunlight glistened off the melting frost on the window.

The dishes could wait.

I grabbed my camera and while the dishwater cooled, I captured the light.  Playing around with the focus and the aperture settings, I was able to create an abstract composition of a few drops of water.

Even the tiniest detail can become the subject of a photograph.


Strange Light

When I was taking down the Christmas lights, I noticed something strange:  The plastic coating had peeled off at the bottom of the bulbs.

At first, I was alarmed.  What if it had caused a fire?

But as I took out the bulbs, I quickly realized I had to photograph them.  This is truly accidental art.