Six Books and Some Quiet, Too


I brought the kids to the library yesterday, for the first time in forever.

It was worth the wait.

I’d often thought of bringing them over the past few years, but their ages meant that I’d either spend the entire time shushing them, or I wouldn’t have a minute to look for books myself. This time was perfect. I showed them the kids’ section, where to sit, and where to find me. Then I wandered around the corner to browse the shelves.

They loved it so much, they want to come back every week.

So did I.




I’m a teacher, but now I’m also a librarian.

I took a leave of absence a year ago, and have been doing some casual work since. Until recently, I was only on the substitute list for teaching. But I also have experience with office work (so I asked to be added to the admin. assistant list), and I have always thought I would love being a librarian (and so I also asked to be added to that list).

For a few weeks, I am now a part-time librarian. I spend a few hours a day in a quiet room filled with books.

This makes me very happy.