Little Red Dragonfly


There is something about dragonflies, their lacy wings and the way the flit about. Their needle-like bodies are delicate and varied, in a rainbow of iridescent colours. They are like little fairies, landing on the tall grasses and dancing among the flowers.

It is the only insect I can abide landing on me. One stopped for a rest on my pink jacket while I walked.

There were so many that it was not difficult to capture this one with my phone when it landed on the railing, before it soared away.

The Picture I Didn’t Take

the picture i didn't take

I take my iPhone with me on walks. This is so I am reachable in case the school needs to contact me, but it is also so that I can capture a few shots while I walk.

This time, I photographed the road, the trees, the berries. It was a beautiful day.

Almost home, a movement on the pavement caught my eye. A fat, furry caterpillar was crossing the road. It was like a scarlet boa, with black on either end. Absolutely adorable.

This I did not capture, for two reasons: I was afraid of looking foolish, and I was afraid of being hit by a car. But I was very tempted!

P.S. I did look over my shoulder to make sure it had crawled across to safety.
This is what it looked like: