The Moth in the Bathtub


When it came in through the garage, I screeched like it was trying to attack me.

My ten-year-old son tried to save me by swatting at it. He’s my hero.

But it was bedtime, so I said let it be and we’d get it in the morning. Then I forgot about the moth.

This morning, the moth was in the bathtub. Before running for the fly swatter, I stopped for a minute and looked at it. It had a surprisingly pretty pattern on its wings.

First, I captured it with my camera. Then, I captured it with a cup and set it free.

(*Please note: The focus in the photo is deliberately softened to make the moth appear less bug-like; those little legs give me the creeps!)

Weekly Photography Challenge: One shot, two ways

dragonfly-wing dragonfly

One of my absolute favourite things: Dragonflies. This shows two angles of the same dragonfly, on the same tree, on the same day.

I was so excited that it stayed still and I was able to capture many shots and angles. These are two of my favourites.