This is What Christmas Feels Like


Christmas is about the anticipation, the preparation.  It’s about all things glittery and bright, lights shimmering in the night.  It is small hands hanging treasures on the tree, a chorus of words we sing from memory.  Christmas is savory and sweet, sparkling drinks and crackling heat.  It music and memories, laughter and stories.  Christmas is about hugs and kisses, sweet surprises, celebration and imagination.

Bringing in 2014


We brought in the new year with style, with friends.

Little black cocktail dress, dangly earrings, my favourite boots from Japan. My husband in a jacket and really cool (yes, I picked it out) tie. Six course meal of the most delicious selections. South African wine and chocolate martinis. Unbeatable service.

Lights, glitter, silver and gold balloons. Sparkling champagne.

A midnight countdown.

Happy 2014!

Children Singing


We had been hearing snippets of Christmas songs at home, lines practiced but not shared so as not to spoil the surprise.

We arrived early so we could sit close to watch our children in their school Christmas concert.

A Christmas cup song and rocking jingle bells were executed without a hitch.

Seeing our son and daughter on stage is the sweetest thing.