Weekly Photography Challenge: (Normally) Enveloped

envelopedIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”

A white tulip, some of whose petals have fallen, shows its center.  What is normally enveloped, can be seen in a new perspective.



Strange Noises



I took my camera into the backyard this morning.  As I stood there searching for photo possibilities, I listened to the birds singing and felt grateful for the final arrival of spring.

But there was another sound, too.

A faint crinkling came from the ground, leaving me to believe there could be snakes slithering near my feet.  I stood still, ready to flee should I spot them.  The more I listened, however, the more I realized it couldn’t possibly be snakes as the sound seemed to be coming from all around me.

It took me a moment to realize what the sound was:  the grass pushing through the dried leaves covering the earth.

It was the sound of the grass growing.