Made by Hand


At a craft fair on the weekend, we spotted an adorable rustic snowman and contemplated buying it.

“We can make that at home,” my son said.

And they did. My husband made me two square snowmen using old wood we had lying around. Then, my daughter made these (above). And my son made me a sign with an arrow to the North Pole.

These handmade gifts hold more meaning than any we could have bought.

It Really is the Thought that Counts


The sweetness of receiving gifts comes from the thought the giver put into them.

Receiving a birthday cake charm with pink (my favourite colour!) candles from my daughter… A necklace from my son because he remembered that I had commented months ago that it was “cute”… Other things that close ones know I love: flowers, chocolate, books, wine, and home d├ęcor. And every birthday greeting and kind word a gift in itself. Each gift was thought-full.

So while I love the gifts, it is the thoughts I love more.