Like Purple Pompoms

purple flowers 1

I had fun photographing these alliums last night.

They’re bright purple is a pop of colour in front of our garage, and their pompom shape appeals to my inner child.

Stay tuned for more flower pictures (after a bit of an unplanned blog hiatus)…  The garden is in bloom!


A Strange Life


I received a flower bulb in a box for Christmas, and finally found the time to take it out and plant it.  I was looking forward to a fresh spring amaryllis amid these dark winter days.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and it had already grown.

The bulb had sprouted a flower – which had subsequently died – without ever having been planted, watered, or given light.

It was a strange and beautiful (because even in death, the petals retained their lovely markings) surprise.

Nature’s Art


I bought this tea cup-shaped planter at a garden centre.   Theoretically, it was meant to be used outside.

But the coating soon started to flake.

I nearly threw it out once or twice, annoyed that I had paid money for something that didn’t last even one summer.

Instead, I took a closer look at it and decided I liked the cracked and peeling-away colour, the creeping up of the earth into the clay.  It is actually more beautiful now than when I first brought it home, thanks to nature’s artistic rendering.

End of Summer Garden

Speaking of whimsical…

I don’t know why I love things that curl, but I get a kick out of these curly grasses that show up in my wildflower (read:  “weed”) garden in late summer.

And speaking of summer, it’s the last day of.  It is the end of the season I love.

Until next year.


Flowers on the Table


Same flowers, different spot.

These are the flowers I bought at the beginning of the summer.  They had been sitting in a pot on the floor of my front porch until I brought this antique table outside.  Walking by with my camera, I noticed the colour of the table complemented the flowers, and I imagined that a shallow depth of field with give an interesting result.

I was right.

I love the softness of the table’s edge in the foreground, with the flowers spilling out over it.  Just enough detail to show its age, but blurred so that it blends with the greens of the leaves. 

I have photographed these flowers before, but this has to be my favourite shot.

A New Leaf


Last year, my garden was a disaster.

After tilling, making neat rows, planting beans and carrots and corn, it seemed I grew nothing but weeds. I was so discouraged, I swore I’d never do another.

But here I am, one year later, and I can’t resist. Only this time, I’ve tackled a much smaller garden. (Thanks for the advice, Mom; I should have listened last year!)

And so far, so good: I’ve got plants!

Dried Roses


You would think I would learn my lesson.

I have bought these miniature roses several times; they’re just too pretty to resist. Every time, they last about two weeks then they dry up and die.

As I was watering my plants, I was disappointed to find that my roses had perished.

Then I took a second look.

Even this lifeless flower is beautiful.