Letting Go


My children were desperate to try the swings. These high-flying, terrifying swings at the indoor amusement park.

You wouldn’t catch me up there.

After several visits over the years, they are finally old enough. Holding my breath, I watched them being swung and spun out into the air above. I thought I might be sick just from watching.

But when I caught sight of their ecstatic faces each time they passed overhead, I decided it was worth it.

Singing in the Wind

A Heart-Shaped Rock

I don’t sing in public. Ever.

My kids tell me my singing voice is terrible, and ask me not to sing in the car. But I love to sing, and do it anyway. Just not around anyone outside of my family.

Yesterday, while walking on the beach, though, the kids and I broke into song: “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.

It was fun and not the least bit embarrassing. (Strong winds and no one else in sight probably helped.)

Maybe I should sing more and care less.