Fall Frost

Frost in the morning, a leaf perfectly placed.



Little Circles of Light


I love bokeh.

Here, amber and gold glitter in the background of the frosted grass. From far, this part of my yard is a mess of weeds and unsuccessful vegetables. Up close, it is a landscape of endless photo possibilities.

With my camera in the general direction of the sun, I was able to capture these pretty little circles of light.

The Landscape in the Window


I did not have time for this.

I sat in the car, cursing the frost on the window. The scraper was nowhere to be found, so I had to rely on the defroster. Which, unfortunately, is incredibly slow on a below-zero morning.

So I waited.

Then I happened to glance at the window. And noticed the way the light was seeping through the iced windshield. And noticed the way the trees, below the line of frost, were golden.

So I stopped fuming. And I took a picture.



One thing leads to another…

I was cleaning the house, which reminded me that I needed to do laundry, then I remembered to put out the garbage, and while putting out the garbage I got distracted by the frost on the leaves.

So I went to get my camera.

For a few minutes, I got lost in the frosty lines and curls of the the leaves. Making pictures was much more fun than cleaning.

Then my battery died and I remembered that I was supposed to be cleaning the house.