Late Bloomers

late bloomers

Early this summer, I scattered some wildflowers seeds.

Pretty, low-maintenance, and simple. Or so I thought.

I waited all summer for those seeds to grow. Plenty of grass and weeds grew, but no wildflowers. My vision of a wildflower garden faded.

It is now October. So imagine my surprise when I spotted these tiny flowers peeking out from behind my screen house. I quickly gathered them up and brought them inside before the frost could kill them.

Now, they are a sweet reminder of summer in my kitchen.

The Sun on my Shoulders


This summer has been short.

There have been days when it has felt more like fall, and days when the rain seemed it would never stop. But this afternoon, the sun is warming my shoulders in my backyard.

I want to take this feeling with me into fall, to warm me on crisp mornings. I want to take it with me into winter, a memory of summer on my back when the snow whitens the earth. I’d like to wrap this summer sun into a package to open when the days are short and the air is icy and its heat seems too far away.

So I soak in this late summer sun, and I make this moment count.