Whimsical Flowers


I don’t often change my photos much on the computer.

Occasionally, I do a bit of cropping or a few small adjustments with contrast or saturation.  But generally, I leave them as natural looking as possible.

There was something about the curly little petals on these wild asters, though, that tempted me to play with their hues.  They were already sort of whimsical, so I just made them more so.

I kind of like how they turned out…  Maybe I’ll do this again sometime.

Flowers for Dancing


My daughter dances.

On the weekend, she had a recital that went beautifully. Sparkly green and purple dancers in a birthday party choreography, complete with party hats and wrapped gifts.

Now, we have flowers around the house that were given to her after the show.

They are her flowers, but my camera and I have been enjoying them as well.