A Yellow Night


The light was intense last night.

We’ve been in a heat wave, and as the sun was setting last night, the air took on a golden hue. When I suggested the kids go outside to play, my son exclaimed, “But it’s yellow!”

And it was.

(I immediately took my camera outside, but only captured a few shots before I got chased back inside by the mosquitoes.)




The evenings are beginning to be warm enough to enjoy our screen house now.

I curled up in the papasan chair with my Oprah magazine last night. With the sun on my back, the warm breeze, and the sounds of the birds, it was a moment of pure relaxation.

Soft Evening Light


There is a moment when the light is soft and quiet. The sun dips below the trees, taking its shadows with it.

It is my favourite time to explore with my camera.

Potted flowers become abstract art. Lines on leaves become visible patterns. Orange and red berries become brighter and more intense. The world transforms through my lens.

And I cannot capture enough.