Abstract in the Woods

ice patch

Below the trees, where the light barely reaches, the melted snow had created a small pond.  Part ice and part water, the trees reflected here and there.

It is a natural abstract.




I am addicted to shallow depth of field.

I can’t get enough of this poetic form of photography, softened foregrounds and backgrounds. It is what I always wished I could do when I first became obsessed (probably when I was 10!) with my camera. And the last few years, I have been better able to emulate this effect with my macro lens. I rarely stray from my f/2.8 setting, when using this lens.

Can’t get enough!

Little Circles of Light


I love bokeh.

Here, amber and gold glitter in the background of the frosted grass. From far, this part of my yard is a mess of weeds and unsuccessful vegetables. Up close, it is a landscape of endless photo possibilities.

With my camera in the general direction of the sun, I was able to capture these pretty little circles of light.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Focus


There is something very poetic and dreamy about shallow depth of field. Many of my photos are taken at f/2.8 for this reason.

This is my submission for this week’s challenge: “Focus” (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/weekly-photo-challenge-focus/). This photo is all about focus – the camera, the lens, the focal point, and the depth of field.

It is also symbolic of my obsession with photography… Not only do I use my camera to focus on a subject, and manipulate f/stops to get the effect I’m looking for, but my camera helps me focus on the moment, too.