Christmas in November


December 1st is usually the earliest I will decorate. But the kids have been bugging so yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather to put out the outdoor Christmas decorations.

I started off feeling grumbly about digging through buckets and cranky about tangled wires. In spite of myself, though, I quickly began to enjoy the task. Snowmen stand on the front porch, lights are strung from the back pergola, and crinkly Christmas ribbon is tied in big bows around the house.

The festive feeling has arrived.

The Icing on the (Cup)Cake

the icing on the (cup)cake

I am a terrible cook.

I forget to plan meals until it’s supper time. I forget ingredients. I’ve even been known to ruin Kraft Dinner.

Maybe it’s because the end product is so sweet (I’d rather eat a cookie than a carrot any day), but I’d rather bake.

Plus, I get to decorate.

That’s why cupcakes are so much fun.