While standing in my kitchen, I first noticed the tiny new growth on this money tree.  With the light above the plant and the darkness of the living room as a backdrop, it made for some beautiful contrast.  I grabbed my camera and captured a few shots while supper cooked.


Red and Rocks

red and rocks

I could not resist photographing this little composition of contrasts.

The vibrant scarlet against the almost monochromatic background; the fuzzy-soft flower on the rock-hard bridge; living against un-living…  This is the was I found it.

Art, everywhere.

Weekly Photography Challenge: Contrast


My daughter is forever leaving articles of clothing around the house. Even outside.

I was sitting in the screen porch and looked across at her pretty pink skirt forgotten on the patio chair.

It is a contrast in colours and tones, the bright pink against the dark brown; a contrast in materials, the lace against the heavy plastic weave; in shape and form, the softly ruffled fabric against the hard lines of the chair.

As a mom, I also see the contrast in behaviours: Disarray against order.