This Quilt


Cut by my grandmother, stitched by my mother, this quilt has warmed me for many years.

Its weight comforts me when I crawl into bed. Its softness lulls me to sleep.

No matter what pretty bedspread I have matched to the d├ęcor, this one gets thrown over it every night.

It is beginning to show its wear, some edges frayed and seams let go. This only proves how much it has been loved.

Book Addict

the words within

There is nothing like spending time with a good book.

I grab a few minutes whenever I can: With my coffee in the afternoons, while the kids watch tv, even while supper is cooking.

I love being surrounded by books – they line my shelves and give me comfort. I am not myself unless I have one to read.

My sister posted this quote on her Facebook the other day: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one.” How apt. (I believe it is from the book A Dance with Dragons, although I can’t be certain.)

And now I must go escape with my book…