Happy Spring


This makes me very happy.

Tiny little red pompoms appearing on the branches, pops of colour that change the view outside my windows on a daily basis.

I don’t even care that the pollen litters the driveway and plugs up my sinuses.

I am just happy to enjoy every minute of this beautiful season.


Colour in the Cupboard


My kids drink hot chocolate with straws.

I have no idea why they do this, but they always have.

In any case, when I was preparing some hot chocolate for them after their outdoor play, I was drawn to the cheerful colours and thought they’d make an interesting photograph.

This reinforces my belief that pictures can truly be found anywhere.

Soft Evening Light


There is a moment when the light is soft and quiet. The sun dips below the trees, taking its shadows with it.

It is my favourite time to explore with my camera.

Potted flowers become abstract art. Lines on leaves become visible patterns. Orange and red berries become brighter and more intense. The world transforms through my lens.

And I cannot capture enough.