A Clean House


It is sometimes difficult to motivate myself to start the cleaning.

But once I do, I usually don’t mind it at all (unlike cooking, which I despise!). Especially dusting. There is something innately satisfying about the gleam on the wood after it has been Pledged.

Now, if only it would last…


The Clothesline


I love hanging out laundry.

I love sorting the sizes (I’ve even been known to rearrange!) from longest to shortest, love snapping the clothespins onto the edges of towels, and love looking out the window at the clothes flapping in the wind.

It is a moment I look forward to after each winter’s thaw, and enjoy until my fingers freeze in the fall.

It is an excuse to get fresh air and still be productive. It is a quiet minute to feel the heat of the sun, see the trees, and listen to the sounds of summer.

Now, if only the hornets would stay away…

Nostalgic Organization


Tackling the dusty boxes in the basement was not my idea of a good time.

Two days later, though, and it’s a task I appreciate having completed. Four garbage bags, 6 empty boxes, 3 bags of recycling, and 3 bags to give away. At times tedious and seemingly never-ending, it is now done.

An unexpected pleasure came from all this sorting, though: Reminiscing when I came across old photos, the kids’ early drawings, letters, even my old cameras.

Organizing allowed me to spend a few minutes with memories.