Cinderella and Roses

An afternoon movie with the girls (with popcorn and chocolate!) is made sweeter by returning home to a dozen red roses from my husband (with chocolate!).



Making Cupcakes

I am loving my new KitchenAid mixer that my husband bought me for Christmas.  Before this, I still used a twenty-plus year-old hand mixer that my aunt had given me when I went to university.  It worked great for many, many recipes, but it was time to move on.

I used it to make these cupcakes, chocolate with cream cheese icing, just because.



Jelly Beans


I have a horrible sweet tooth.

Usually, it’s chocolate that I’m after, but lately – maybe because of Easter coming – it’s been candy. Especially jelly beans.

They’re the perfect candy: Tiny, smooth, and pretty; little bursts of sweetness in every imaginable flavour. I could never decide on a favourite.

Well, maybe chocolate.

Yummy Yummies


I know I’ve posted about coffee and chocolate before, but I just can’t get enough.

Especially when the chocolate is yummies. You know, the round ones with all the rainbow candies on top? The perfect mix of melt-in-your-mouth and little gritty bits.

(When I was pregnant, I subsisted on these!)

With a cup of coffee, they are a happy little treat. (They just look sort of cheerful, don’t they?)