Supermarket Bouquet

supermarket bouquet

When the months get colder and the snow has covered summer’s garden, I shop for inspiration.

Inexpensive supermarket flowers make for many photos.  I could not stop taking pictures of this pretty bouquet that I picked up the other day.

They didn’t look like much, stuck in a vase.  Some of the petals were curled and withered from the plastic wrap, and a few leaves torn.  They weren’t perfect, but when I rearranged them in the bright afternoon sunlight, they made for some beautiful compositions.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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Seeing Softly

seeing softly

And this is the photo I did take of the flowers…

It’s a brightly beautiful bouquet: fuchsia, turquoise, tangerine and lavender. Cheerful colours in a muted season.

When I take out my camera, I look closer, see softer. Instead of a bouquet, each flower is a picture possibility.