Late Bloomers

late bloomers

Early this summer, I scattered some wildflowers seeds.

Pretty, low-maintenance, and simple. Or so I thought.

I waited all summer for those seeds to grow. Plenty of grass and weeds grew, but no wildflowers. My vision of a wildflower garden faded.

It is now October. So imagine my surprise when I spotted these tiny flowers peeking out from behind my screen house. I quickly gathered them up and brought them inside before the frost could kill them.

Now, they are a sweet reminder of summer in my kitchen.

One Flower


I thought I had killed it.

This beautiful flower I had bought to brighten my garden. I thought I had killed it with neglect.

I forgot to water it, deadhead it, give it sunlight. I bought the pot, set it out, and forgot about it. I was beginning to think I truly had a black thumb.

Last week, I transferred it to a new pot and gave it water. I did not have any hope or illusion that it would bloom again.

But it did. There is only one flower, but there is one.